Changing the Time Zone in CentOS and RHEL

I recently checked the time on one of my servers and realized that the time was WAY off. NTP was running and forcing an NTP update with “ntpdate -u ” only corrected the time by nanoseconds. I read the date and time again, this time a little closer. It turns out that the clock was set to a European time zone for some reason.

So how do you change the time zone on a Linux server? Baffled that I had never done this before, I wanted to share with you how I did this.

All options for time zones are listed throughout /usr/share/zoneinfo. You will need to browse this folder to find the time zone appropriate for your server. For me, it was “US/Central” but I could have also chosen “America/Chicago”.

Now that we know the location of our appropriate time zone file, we need to create a symlink (or simply replace) the existing active one which is located at /etc/localtime. I prefer a symlink to prevent duplicate files whenever possible. Also, creating a symbolic link will ensure that any time zone changes (such as when Daylight Savings Time occurs – this happened to the US in 2007) will be put into place correctly. Save yourself the trouble and just create a symlink :)

In my example, I will create a symbolic link for US/Central time. Change “US/Central” to your appropriate time zone. Create a backup of localtime if you wish first…

rm /etc/localtime
ln -s /usr/share/zoneinfo/America/Chicago /etc/localtime

Ta-da, your time zone is now changed. You can verify in a variety of ways, but the easiest would be to simply type ‘date’ at your command prompt.

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